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Model Spotlight -

Jason Adonis

Jason Adonis Jason Adonis Videos

Filmography: Jason Adonis Videos
Model Names / Studio
August 28
Astrology Sign
6 ft 2 in
240 lbs.
48" Arms: 19"
Favorite Movie
A River Runs Through It
Favorite TV Show
American Chopper
Favorite Food
Favorite Drink
Apple Martini

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Jason Adonis: Who yearns for Adonis?

In , brunet porn star Jason Adonis rapidly climbed to one of the most popular models in the biz. If someone were selecting all desirable features on a male body, the end result would be this guy. His body is perfect. And unlike many similar stars from earlier years, his pleasant and relaxed personality appear in his performances.

Jason Adonis Unseen DVD
Jason Adonis DVD Special Offer
His smile melts ice. All in all Adonis is quite the powerhouse package. He plays a top who knows how to use his assets. He first appeared as a member of the Jet Set team. Then in 2004 he made several very good films for Falcon, before returning to his native stomping grounds as a Jet Set model.

Shall I compare him to a summer's day? His golden complexion and solid muscles, as well as his sexual performances, place him in an Olympian league.

One of his best performances is in Wash West's The Hole porn video, where he and other straight guys magically turn gay. Not only is it one of the most inspired movies to appear in awhile, his topping of Sam Tyson is one of the movie's main events.

See what it means when they say, before you turn gay, you see the hole. And Adonis loves hole.

In Jet Set's Man of the Year, Adonis peers directly into the holes of Anthony Shaw, Marc Stone and Danny Rhymes. These muscular Jet Set guys get their holes penetrated even deeper with Jason Adonis' stiff cock.

Jason Adonis loves hole. It is a cute setup, and Adonis plays his part well and Jet Set's on premises stud. Another movie filmed on the Jet Set premises is their 2002 Warehouse of Sex. Here Adonis takes the lost puppy Jake Rogers under his wing to show him what it takes to get in a movie.

Not only does Rogers get amazingly hammered, but also the two do a nice bit of weight lifting, which is something fans of muscle will enjoy seeing. Jet Set's Mirage is another hot movie. The highlight is watching Adonis and Damon Ivy plow the blond musclerunt Marc Stone on a leopard skin couch.

Jason Adonis Leaves Jet Set

In , Adonis moved to Falcon Studios where he headlined their two part spectacular Taking Flight. Adonis pilots a transcontinental jet to London, and the flight ultimately brings him together with steward Josh Weston.

The first scene of the movie is an explosive opener showing him slam-bang his boyfriend of the film, Ethan Marc. His first rate topping of Weston, who is a first class bottom, is a perfect move for move match.

Jason Adonis in The Hole Jason Adonis sees the hole
(of Sam Tyson)
Jason Adonis in American Porn Star in American Porn Star
Another worthy note, Jason Adonis' real life brother, Tristan Adonis, has one of the most suspenseful and energetic scenes of the movie. He's a slightly younger version, and a real knockout, who discretely cruises and has sex in on the night flight while the girlfriend sleeps.

Both also appear in the wildly popular Falcon flick Through the Woods. Jason Adonis is one of the three little pigs, while brother Tristan seizes the opportunity to plow delectible French-Canadian Pierre Fitch.

He followed this with high profile stints for different studios. Adonis's body was the marketing image for the revival of the long dormant studio AMG in their movie Resurrection: A New Beginning. Following this, he made several more films with Falcon Studios. In , he worked for director Chad Donovan appearing in Hustle and Cruise sporting completely shaved pubes and branded with the mysterious initials " M.S.W.".

He later appears as a pledgemaster for a secret society that requires hazing and sex in order to join. The popular film, Ivy League, features Adonis sporting buzzed hair and the same razored-down look, where he gives a hot plowing to Falcon Exclusive Ryan Wade.

As his own agent, Jason Adonis clearly has a long career ahead of him, and his many fans will enjoy each release with baited breath.


Watch Jason Adonis Now

Jason Adonis and Eddie Stone Jason Adonis tweaks Eddie Stone
in Hustle & Cruise
Jason Adonis and Ryan Wade Jason Adonis tops Ryan Wade
in Ivy League
Jason Adonis in Warehouse of Sex From Warehouse of Sex Jason Adonis in Mirage From Mirage

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