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Porn star Enrico Vega

Enrico Vega, Latin Papi

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Do Hispanic men ever NOT have sex on the brain? This is a question I have tested on numerous subjects over time. After many trials and tribulations, I have come to a conclusion.

Probably not.

The model who embodies the complete sex-crazed Latino package is Enrico Vega. Vega cuts a striking figure with dark hair, impressive uncut erection and a naturally buffed, smooth body. In every movie, he's ready to please with a consistently rigid rod and comes loaded with never-ending spurts of mancream.

Enrico Vega was a Raging Stallion Exclusive for several years, and afterwards going off on his own to helm several of his own video enterprises from New York City. (The Adventures of Enrico Vega)

In his Raging Stallion movies, Vega's one-on-one pairings show he can tame the wildest pig bottoms. In Sex Pack Nine: Fire In The Hole he is paired with the boy-bottom Sky Donovan. Vega, who doesn't have the biggest dick to grace the Raging Stallion studio, has no problem showing that he knows exactly how to use it.

It's nice to see that you do not have to have the penis the size of an arm to be a commanding top.

In SP: 9,Vega pushes Donovan through an animalistic romp that keeps the bottom's eyes rolling back in his head, and his hands grasping for support. Vega continues this provocative posturing in the sequel Sex Pack Ten: This End Up as well as the blazing Packin' Loads.

In these two Sex Pack movies, Vega's scenes are filmed in a barn setting that is very nicely done. Vega apparently is one of the Hayride Ho's from this collection of barn couplings that never quite made it into its own movie.

Enrico Vega
Enrico Vega

Enrico Vega Visits Paradise

Vega makes a fun Raging Stallion cumbak in their grand 2005 release Passport to Paradise, where he directs the baby-faced and curious traveller Pete Ross up to the big house on the hill. It is a place teaming with hispanics, whose behind-closed-doors activities quickly reel in the gringo. The first movie that we saw Enrico Vega in was Mustang Video's Bang!. Basically an orgy movie that takes place on one set, the movie was really hot because of its studly cast. Vega appears several times. In his first scene, he unloads inside the condom, which he tantalizingly dangles above the bottom's mouth, who wants more than anything to tear into it.

At one point, Bang! includes a train of all eight actors in a row, enthusiastically rimming the butt in front of them. This started what appears to be Vega's penchant for ass-eating. In his movies, he performs this feat with a gusto that sends his lucky partner into space.

Vega pops-up in numerous orgy sequences. For Lucas Entertainment, he plays power-top in the six-man orgy in Fire Island Cruising, as well as in the well-done Getting Around, which is a hot story about a guy moving into New York City and finding all the sexual hotspots.

Enrico Vega Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Bang! Mustang Studios 2000 Enrico Vega Watch Now
Sexpack Nine: Fire in the Hole Raging Stallion Studios 2002 Enrico Vega Watch Now
Sexpack Ten: This End Up! Raging Stallion Studios 2003 Enrico Vega Watch Now
Packin Loads Raging Stallion Studios 2002 Enrico Vega Watch Now
Getting Around Lucas Entertainment 2000 Enrico Vega Watch Now
Bad Behavior Falcon Studios 2000 Enrico Vega Watch Now
Fire Island Cruising Lucas Entertainment 2000 Enrico Vega Watch Now
Passport to Paradise Raging Stallion Studios 2005 Enrico Vega Watch Now
Wet Dreamz of Genie Liquid Dreamz Entertainment 2005 Enrico Vega Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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