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Porn Star Brent Corrigan

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Porn star Brent Corrigan has had more third acts then Bob Dylan.

The sturdy brunet flashes a mischevious grin in his Twitter photos, making his huge army of Twitter followers swoon. Corrigan's porn celebrity continues from when he started as an underage twink working for Cobra Video, and into today.

Over the years Corrigan has matured in a handsome man, switching out of the industry to make independent GLBT mainstream films. Then in the Fall of 2014 he returned carrying an exclusive movie contract with Falcon Studios, the same studio which would only hire him once and under a different name back in the day. I guess time really does change everything.

It was little surprise that his first appearance for Cobra Video were must see movies, and like potato chips, once you see him in one, you've got to have more. The movie Every Poolboy's Dream which included a complete cast of hotties barebacking became an instant classic. Later, he was paired with twink Wunderkind Brent Everett in Schoolboy Crush and the follow-up Bareboned Twinks, which caused them to be dubbed the Twin Brents.

In Corrigan went public with the news that is youthful looks actually were a bit too youthful, causing a cascade of reaction, both positive and negative from everyone in the industry. Suddenly what was sold everywhere became potential federal criminal possessions.

Not only Cobra Video, but the fans who owned the movies could potentially be felons. Also the companies affiliated with Cobra like distributors and associates were effected. Store owners who had money tied up DVD inventory had to destroy it, the money they spent lost forever.

Cobra's owners took the matter to court, dragging Corrigan in through the doors with him, which dramatically ended with the owner of Cobra being brutally murdered in his house by porn star Harlow R. Cuadra. (Young Bucks in Heat)

Corrigan, with his buoyant smile, weathered the stormy controversy. Using his good looks, charming personality and business sense, he's directed his own line of movies, as well as appear in a number of others. In time, he's arguably the most recognized and highest profile porn star, whose celebrity has taken him into a growing number of cross-over projects. He enjoys a growing fan base reading his vibrant blog and YouTube channel as well.

Brent Corrigan and Mason Wyler in Summit
Brent Corrigan and Kaden Saylor in The Porne Ultimatum

Falcon Studios' Next Big Project

To many people's surprise, Falcon previewed its new two part blockbuster The Velvet Mafia from Falcon Studios with the teaser Who is Fox Ryder?, under which were vibrant photographs of the smiling Corrigan. For such a powerhouse studio to take on a political hot potato like Corrigan made for a key ingredient to provoke an unprecedented wave of interest. The film opened on to solid reviews and record sales. {See our blog Fox Ryder Sleeps with the Fishes)

In , Cobra announced that they has two forthcoming movies featuring Brent Corrigan stored in their back inventory of filmed episodes. These bareabcking bonazas are all very hot and still available on DVD. In fairness, these films come across as quite mean to Corrigan.

In the enjoyable Cream BBoys, Corrigan gets frisky with handsome Connor Ashton. An equally hung brunet, Ashton perfectly matches Corrigan move for move. (Watch clips from this scene) Since this is the first Corrigan film released without legal headaches, it is an excellent venue to watch him burn up the screen as a top and bottom.

Corrigans' last film for Cobra is Fuck Me Raw, which continues to be extremely popular despite the fact that strictly speaking in English, the title is grammatically incorrect. (Raw is NOT at adverb!)

Brent Corrigan 2.0

After an almost two year hiatus, Corrigan returned to film movies for Dirty Bird Pictures. The more mature Corrigan eagerly puts his past behind him, bringing enthusiasm and puckish entreprenuership to his life and career.

In The Porne Ultimatum from Dirty Bird Pictures, Corrigan plays a single neurosurgeon who nurses wounded star Kaden Saylor back to health. Their sex opens the film one a very strong note, and it's a welcome return for Corrigan, who looks great back in action.

Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler and buddies have the best time at their summit. In 2008, Corrigan along with Grant Roy and Dink Flamingo formed Prodigy Pictures. Going behind the camera, he films his own "amateur porn." That's right. Someone seems to have given Corrigan some video cameras, which he has used to make several movies, tapping several of his other bad boy porn star friends including porn star Mason Wyler.

In Brent Corrigan's Summit, he takes a nice cross-section of young buddies to Lake Tahoe, where all the sexual action is filmed Gonzo-style. We recommend the Director's Cut of this film, which sports four extra scenes and superior editing, all jam packed into one 2-disc DVD package.

Brent Corrigan films Just the Sex in when he gets in the pants with some very exciting studs. Corrigan hooks up with bombshell stud Ace Sinclair, as well as hotties Luke Haas and Kurt Wild.

Perhaps his reality-TV / gay porn movie masterpiece is Brent Corrigan's The Big Easy. Made in , the two-disc adventure chronicles Corrigan and his carefully selected cadre of models and friends on an extended visit to New Orleans, where they share personal stories and lusty adventures. Director Chris Steele was smart to cast him in Jet Set's blockbuster video Getting Levi's Johnson with Casey Monroe, a very funny porn film that ranks as one of the top films of the year. Corrigan's sex scene with brunet Mr. Monroe (aka Levi) on the balcony of Manhattan magazine publishing company is fantastic.

After this, Corriagn clearly became one of the most recognizable porn stars, which enabled him to win Fleshjack's contest to become one of their first set of Fleshjack Boys. Many fans have happily purchased Brent Corrigan's sexy assets in a compact sleeve.

In 2015, we'll be looking at Brent Corrigan 3.0. His army of fans on Twitter and Instagram surely cannot wait.

Sean Paul Lockhart: Actor and Public Celebrity

After this, Corrigan made the decision to look forward and develop a career as a mainstream entertainment actor and celebrity. He has been quite successful in being cast in independent GLBT film projects like Chillerama and Judas Kiss. His 2012 film project is titled Welcome to New York.
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Fox Ryder and Erik Rhodes in The Velvet Mafia
Fox Ryder and Erik Rhodes in The Velvet Mafia
Connor Ashton and Brent Corrigan in Cream Bboys
Connor Ashton and Brent Corrigan in Cream Bboys

Brent Corrigan Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Every Poolboy's Dream: Director's Cut Cobra Video 2003 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
Cream Bboys Cobra Video 2006 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
The Porne Ultimatum Dirty Bird Pictures 2008 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
Just the Sex Dirty Bird Pictures 2008 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
Brent Corrigan's Summit (Director's Cut) Dirty Bird Pictures 2009 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
Brent Corrigan's The Big Easy Dirty Bird Pictures 2009 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
Getting Levi's Johnson Jet Set Men 2010 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
Moving Up Falcon Studios 2015 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
Jacked (Brent Corrigan) Falcon Edge 2014 Brent Corrigan Watch Now
The Velvet Mafia Falcon Studios 2006 Fox Ryder Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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