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Antonio Biaggi

in Puerto Rico, USA
Puerto Rican
5' 10"
Hair Color
Eye Color
Antoni Biagi

Porn star Antonio Biaggi

Eleven Inch Nails

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Born on the island of Puerto Rico, bald headed porn star Antonio Biaggi unquestionably brings with him one of the biggest cocks ever to be photographed. Standing at a thick, uncut eleven inches, his massive monument wags above a similarly remarkable set of big, low hanging balls.

But there is more to Antonio Biaggi there his cruise missile-sized penis. He lived for several years in Miami, Florida before finding home in San Francisco, California. Antonio is his real first name. He has a soft sport for environmental conservation, recently opening a small store selling eco-friendly products.

He enjoys latin music, taking advantage of the Bay Area's live latin music venues. He has also recently taken up Capoeira, the fascinating Brazilian martial arts form. Biaggi talks about all these things, as well as his adventuring in gardening on his blog.

First Impressions of Antonio Biaggi

Viewers saw their first glimpse of Biaggi in the movie Trouser Trout. We don't know if director Michael Brandon was responsible for casting him in this, but he was perfect. Monster Bang videos essentially employ the theme of humongous tops relentlessly hammering bottomless bottoms. This movie is no exception.

Watching Biaggi trouser snake for the first time was like watching an immense King Cobra snake rise commandingly up out of a closed basket. Bo Matthews gets to charm it after taking a full anal sausage breakfast with Luke Haas. Biaggi returns for a show-stopping encore on the second disc to stretch nasty boy toy Dominic Sol's ass to maximum capacity. In a nice touch, R.J. Danvers takes the viewer's role, watching several feet away, playing with himself. Biaggi's debut movie is not one of Raging Stallion's extravagant productions, but it is one of our personal favorites.

Speaking of big budget movies, Biaggi plays a randy new Army recruit in their three-DVD spectacle GRUNTS. Appearing in the second part, GRUNTS: Brothers in Arms, Biaggi goes through a full day of rigorous boot camp training. Later that evening, he gets his hands on fellow grunt Aaron Summers, hammering him with his super long field rifle.

Biaggi seems to fit easily into Raging Stallion Studio's darker movies. Big Bigger Biggest is a two part dungeon leather fest, and guess who is shown standing tall and proud on the DVD box cover?

Our hero forms the standing centerpiece to the first part's dramatic "Wall of Cock" opening, where Biaggi stands shoulder to shoulder with Ricky Sinz and Roman Ragazzi getting worshipped by three drooling lapdogs through a three man glory hole.

Biaggi returns for a one of the film's subsequent scenes, this time once again getting sloppy seconds on a bottom's poor little ass hole. Marcos David leaves the Euro pig bottom Enrique Currero to him for a long session of sloppy seconds.

If this is not enough, he returns in part two of Big Bigger Biggest for an intense one on one with the young Tristan Phoenix, who he easily dominates with his giant dick.

If Raging Stallion decided to open a classic multi-story department store in San Francisco, then perhaps it would look like what we see in their movie The 4th Floor. Customers here can find a remarkable array of housewares, heavy tools and hairy men. Biaggi resides in the dark dungeon depicted here, perfectly at home doing it in the middle of the movie's endless thread of man sex.

Biaggi shares the soft white ass of Billy Berlin with Jeck Ryan, who makes a wonderful come-back in this movie after several years in retirement. These two outstanding tops mop the floor with the passive bottom's round ass.

Antonio Biaggi tops Tristan Phoenix in Big Bigger Biggest
Antonio Biaggi and Billy Berlin in The 4th Floor
In the movie Bar Back, Biaggi gets to drill one of the studio's favorite Hungarian imports - Tamas Eszterhazy. Another one of the studio's more pedestrian all-sex films, this works out perfectly. It's wall-to-wall sex in this particular pub. In a great show, Biaggi fucks the House of Eszterhazy literally all over the wooden bar, all excellently photographed by director Ben Leon.

Arguably one of Biaggi's best episodes is in the opening scene from On the Job, where he plays a model photographer. It is the astounding ass of tattooed Spaniard Aitor Crash that inspires him to set down his camera and start tilting at his windmill. Their chemistry instantly reacts, carrying them through a full scene with the lust and passion are palpable.

Antonio Biaggi gets his comeuppance. Biaggi makes a major appearance in the studio's major release To the Last Man. In this double DVD Western, he plays one of the bad guys, who spend the film trying to push Scott Tanner and his companions off their ranch. Biaggi confronts one of his adversaries while skinny dipping at the water hole, ultimately throwing an angry fuck into him, photographed beautifully in the great outdoors.

It is Biaggi however who receives his comeuppance. Campbell kills him after the deed, a final camera shot showing Biaggi floating face down in the water.

For three years, Biaggi performed as one of Raging Stallion's new generation of powerhouse models. In , Biaggi announced on his blog that his contract ended and he was officially a free working agent. (Friskyfans Tumblr: Antonio Biaggi) His first post-RS project is with Lucas Entertainment.

Whether starring in all-sex loops, or leather flicks or in plot driven megahits, it is the Latino's super-sized dick and block busting nuts that power him through just about anything the producers can throw at him.

Watch Antonio Biaggi Now

A co-star reacts to Antonio Biaggi
A co-star reacts to Antonio Biaggi
Topping Bo Matthews with Lucas Haas in Trouser Trout
Topping Bo Matthews with Lucas Haas in Trouser Trout

Antonio Biaggi Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Trouser Trout (Monster Bang 15) Raging Stallion Studios 2007 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
GRUNTS: Overview Raging Stallion Studios 2007 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
GRUNTS: Brothers in Arms Raging Stallion Studios 2007 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
The 4th Floor Raging Stallion Studios 2008 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Big Bigger Biggest Parts 1 and 2 Raging Stallion Studios 2008 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Bar Back Raging Stallion Studios 2008 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
On the Job Raging Stallion Studios 2008 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
To the Last Man: Collector's Edition Raging Stallion Studios 2008 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Rear Deliveries (Monster Bang) Raging Stallion Studios 2009 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Tales of the Arabian Nights (Raging Stallion) Raging Stallion Studios 2010 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Unloaded Raging Stallion Studios 2010 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Roll in the Hay Raging Stallion Studios 2010 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Raw Players 2012 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Creampies Only Allowed 2011 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Breeding Marcus Isaacs Treasure Island Media 2014 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Inner Devil Dark Alley Media 2013 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Fuck Me Harder Lucas Entertainment 2011 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Piss Pigs Lucas Entertainment 2010 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch
DJ and Antonio Biaggi 03-21-2013 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now
Max's Audition Series: The Cumdump 02-06-2014 Antonio Biaggi Watch Now

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