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Topher Di Maggio

Porn Star Topher DiMaggio


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While some blogs have created the idea that porn star Topher Dimaggio is an aloof diva, we'd like to immediately set the record straight that he's not. Dimaggio is certainly easy on the eyes, but if you think he's a bitch, then you're just intimidated by him.

Considering how he looks, it's easy to feel this way. But following him on Twitter or meeting and talking to him in person, such notions will be dispelled.

Good looking and ambitious, he started early. At the age of seventeen, Dimaggio worked as an Abercrombie model. His stomach appeared on the company's bags for three seasons. From there he modeled for Mazzeratti and Nordstroms.

This is how Dimaggio explained his to Naked Sword:

First, you meet one photographer, and (then you meet) one person doing video. Then all of a sudden you're welcome to do a solo, so you're doing a solo. Then you're doing a scene. And all of a sudden, four or five years later, you're here.

Topher Today

On Twitter, Dimaggio points out, "For all the people who ask me what my tattoo means, it's winner. In 2015, Dimaggio describes himself on his social media accounts as an event host, promoter and international cover model. His slogan is only compete with yourself.

More Like Topper Dimaggio

What's Dimaggio like sexually? "I pick very carefully who I fuck in real life." he told BoyFactor in 2013. He also says that this effects hin in his porn performances.

In 2010, Dimaggio was boyfriends with porn star (and fellow Texan) Cameron Marshall. Their real life relationship was played up in promoting Naked Sword's Golden Gate. In the DVD extras, he mentions in his interview how this scene is different because the moaning and sexuality is genuine.

Of course, for Dimaggio's other performances, fans must settle for the Topher As Seen on TV persona, which is actually more than adequate.

Topher DiMaggio in the woods for Falcon Studios
In 2012 and 2013, Dimaggio worked as an exclusive for, filming loads of videos. He fucks everyone here - Billy Santoro, Johnny Rapid, Rocco Reed, Marc Dylan, Colt Rivers, John Magnum (!!!).
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Early Topher DiMaggio from ChaosMen
Early Topher DiMaggio from ChaosMen
Topher DiMaggio prods Sam Northman on Men.Com
Topher DiMaggio prods Sam Northman on Men.Com

Topher Dimaggio Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch
Golden Gate (Season 1) Naked Sword 2010 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now
Steamworks Raging Stallion Studios 2010 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now
Police Academy Gangbang Jet Set Men 2010 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now
Score (Parts 1 and 2) Hot House Entertainment 2011 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now
Cruise Control Hot House Entertainment 2011 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now
Trunks 6 Hot House Entertainment 2011 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now
Tools of the Trade Hot House Entertainment 2012 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now
Dream Team Naked Sword 2013 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now
Naughty Pines 1 & 2 Falcon Studios 2014 Topher Dimaggio Watch Now


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch

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