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Roxy Red

in San Diego, CA
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Porn Star Roxy Red

Shoot the Emo Piano Player

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Raven-haired Roxy Red -- brooding, soulful --- made a name for himself working for Helix Studios and BoyCrush between 2009 and 2011. Both studios shot numerous scenes featuring him, which can be watched on each other's websites.

Beyond shooting porn, Red loves playing the piano. He's also intereted in architecture.

Many have found Red's fashion taste to be interesting. On, he describes it as "Gothic High Fashion Hookeresque," a blend of Victorian gothic, high Victorian, indie, punk, raver, emo and raver combined with high fashion, 20's and 30's era Hollywood, glam, artistic symmetry, abstract fashion, Soho fashion and other variations of classy elegant wear.

In 2014 he got attached to porn star Kyler Moss. Perhaps the outcome was foretold considering the old adage, "A rolling Roxy gathers no moss."

His YouTube channel is roxyredCENTRAL.

Out of Control

Roxy Red's found himself on numerous occasions in the office of his superior facing disciplinary action. In enjoyable episodes of Spank This, he's a bad apple at the doomed Helix Band Camp, where nobody learned how to play any instruments except the skin flute.

Later he's somehow ended up on a swim team, where Coach Ryan takes his life frustrations out on the squirming kid.

Life's looking pretty rosy for Roxy Red,

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Roxy's Undies Party Three Way
Roxy's Undies Party Three Way

Roxy Red Filmography:

Name Studio Date Appears As Watch


Episode Name Studio Release Date Appears As Watch
Tommy Anders tops Roxy Red Helix Studios (Website) 01-01-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now
Skyelr Bleu tops Roxy Red Helix Studios (Website) 01-04-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now
Jeff Sterne Spanks Three Boys SpankThis (Web) 01-20-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now
Undies Party Three Way Helix Studios (Website) 02-14-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now
Shawn Fox tops Roxy Red Helix Studios (Website) 03-09-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now
Cody Cachet tops Roxy Red Helix Studios (Website) 03-16-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now
Coach Ryan Spanks Roxy Red SpankThis (Web) 03-17-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now
Connor Terrence tops Roxy Red Helix Studios (Website) 04-18-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now
Tristan Tyler Tops Roxy Red Helix Studios (Website) 05-16-2010 Roxy Red Watch Now

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