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How to Watch Your Favorite Gay Porn on Your TV

The times they are a changing, especially regarding how we watch television. Almost gone are the days of going to a video store and renting movies. BluRays's and dvd's are still around. They can be nice to have, but increasingly movies and television shows are watched streaming online. The good news is right now, you can enjoy gay porn exactly the same way. There's no hassle, and because these are shady file-sharing "free porn" website, you won't be exposing your computer to malware.

With a very modest budget, consumers can watch the exciting stuff in high definition, ultra-sharp 1080p. There are no distracting ads, no threats of spyware or computer viruses. No more trying to enjoy a sexy video from your wobbly desk chair. Just relax on the couch or in bed watching the big-screen tv!

Step One: Get a Roku

Say Goodbye to Malware
First, buy a Roku player. (Here are all the Roku's on sale now on our sister website.) It's a small box that retails anywhere from $50 to $99 for the 1080p HD, duel-band box.

Unlike the Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire boxes, the Roku is an open system of channels, which let you watch "channels" from the Internet for services like Netflix and Hulu. The Roku also has private channels which companies can connect their server to, and watched on tv through the Roku.

These are your porn channels. I first set this up with AEBN, so I could watch my rented movies on television instead of sitting in front of the computer. AEBN and GayHotMovies are VOD companies from which you can buy your favorite movies and watch them through your account online. You can buy movies through their website, or over the Roku. Without messing around DVD's, you can watch the best videos on the television in your living room. Or bedroom. Are you hosting a guest for naked romp and want to have porn playing on the television? This is the way to go.

After you've installed your new Roku and setup an account, you can request and watch the private channels.

If you like movies with twinks, we highly recommend trying Helix Studios. Sign up as a member, then you can retrieve their private Roku channel. Watch all of their videos on your television.

What Channels Are Available?

Helix Studios on the RokuSign-Up for Helix Studios - Watch on Roku